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RiZZ Plastics is specialised
in development and production
of injection molded plastic products

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Development of injection molded plastic products

The production and development of plastic injection moulded products and components are our core competences. We have the technology and experience to serve you quickly and efficiently. Our machine can make injection moulded products in a variety of sizes, materials and batch sizes.

Production of injection molded plastic products

For product development or adapting existing products we can serve you with our targeted expertise in the field of plastics at an early stage of the process. On the basis of your first ideas we can already provide a range of possibilities for both the investment and the final product price of your plastic product.

Fast delivery of a better product

A short production and development cycle with a better final product, while still being in control of the process, is what you can expect from the collaboration with RiZZ Plastics.

Specialist in plastics injection molding and rapid prototyping

RiZZ Plastics was founded in 1977, ever since we have gathered experience in plastics and plastic injection molding, rapid prototyping, etc. The development of both your product as its mould, including the necessary adjustments, is carried out by a dynamic team with 36 years of experience. Using our 3D printing machine we can create tangible prototypes, these prototypes enable product development and testing. In addition to 3D printing, rapid prototyping is another way to develop a sample of your product.

Series sizes:

1 to 12.000.000 pieces per year

Product volumes:

1 to 1000 grams


New degradable plastics
Glass filled materials
PP - Polypropylene
PS - Polystyrene
PA - Polyamide (Nylon)
PC - Polycarbonate
POM - Polyacetal
PSU - Polysulfone
PC / ABS - Polycarbonate-ABS (Blend)
SEBS - Styrene-ethylene/butylene-styrene
TPE - Thermoplastic elastomer

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